The dancing fountain: why choose it for your celebration?

The dancing fountain combines music and water, making it a unique and breathtaking entertainment for any celebration. Favourite music, complemented by the dance and lights of the waterworks, shines in a different colour and enchants even the biggest sceptics. Why should you choose a dancing fountain for your next celebration?

Dancing fountain for weddings

For one reason or another, fireworks are no longer the most desirable midnight entertainment at weddings so both event planners and the newlyweds themselves are wondering what could replace them.

One of the most common arguments against fireworks is that they are very polluting and stressful for animals. However, on a special day you want something unique and special, so we offer a dancing musical fountain that can dance to your favourite song or songs.

Dancing fountain can vary in size or shape, from small to truly astonishing. We offer both a fountain as the main entertainment for the evening and a rectangular fountain that will make a great backdrop for photos or a scene.

If the celebration is indoors, newlyweds usually opt for a round fountain that looks impressive from all sides, and if the celebration is by a body of water, we offer a floating fountain, which is assembled on pontoon buoys.

Dancing fountain for events

Decorate any concert, festival or fair with water with a symphony of lights and music and choose a dancing fountain. A dancing fountain in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda or any other city in Lithuania can appear in just a few hours and bring unforgettable emotions to the participants.

We offer three types of fountains, with sizes, music and other details tailored to each client’s needs. The circular fountain is 6 metres in diameter and the water can rise up to 8 metres high. The best part is that it can be placed not only outdoors, but also indoors, so you can enjoy the beauty of water and music at any time of the year, even in winter.

A rectangular fountain is the choice of those looking for unique, unconventional solutions. This fountain, unlike the round one, looks best from the front, so we suggest using it as a backdrop for a photo or scene.

Dancing fountain as well can appear anywhere wherever there is a body of water: lake, river or pond. This type of fountain is special because its size is virtually unlimited, as it is collected on pontoon buoys, from separate streams of water. We particularly recommend such a fountain to organisers of city festivals and celebrations. It makes a real impression and attracts a large number of people.

How much does a dancing fountain cost?

The cost of a fountain varies greatly depending on its size, the complexity of the programme and other criteria, which we will be happy to discuss on the phone. We will give you an exact price after we have spoken to you and heard your expectations.

Do you work all over Lithuania? specialists work and create unique emotions throughout Lithuania. Dancing fountain in Druskininkai? A dancing fountain in Klaipėda? A dancing fountain in Kaunas? We’ll come and surprise your guests anywhere!

How long does it take to build a dancing fountain?

The first step is to discuss your needs: call us on +37060008033 or email to discuss the details. Think about the type and size of fountain you want, consider the music you’d like to choose, and together we’ll easily find a solution.

The fountain itself takes up to 8 hours to set up, depending on the complexity, and can be dismantled in just a few hours.

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