Mobile dancing fountain for weddings: how much does it cost?

A musical fountain is a wonderful choice for weddings, providing a unique and romantic setting. This is a great idea for wedding couple looking for a change from midnight fireworks or other nighttime entertainment for the guests of the celebration of their love. They can also be used as a backdrop for a scene or even as the main element of the wedding décor.

Which musical dancing fountain to choose for your wedding?

Choose this fountain according to where your love celebration will take place, because we can install it anywhere : outdoors or indoors. We also offer a fountain in a body of water such as a lake. This is becoming increasingly popular among grooms and brides as an environmentally friendly but no less admired alternative to fireworks.

By far the most popular choice for weddings is the classic, elegant and luxurious round fountain, which can be easily installed both outdoors and indoors. The water can rise up to 8 metres, so we guarantee that even guests who have seen it all will be surprised.

The rectangular fountain is also rapidly gaining popularity, which looks most effective from the front, so it is often placed near the stage or simply used as a breathtaking decor element throughout the celebration.

Dancing fountain in the body of water is easily adaptable to any size of space and can become the main attraction of your wedding. Just imagine: it’s midnight, everyone goes outside, your love song is playing and your guests are enjoying a wonderful water and music dance…

However, every customer is consulted individually by our musical fountains specialists. We are convinced that only personalised solutions can make your wedding special and unforgettable.

Please contact us by phone +370 600 08033 or email and together we’ll find the perfect solution.

How much does a mobile dancing fountain for weddings cost?

In order to get an accurate price for a dancing fountain, we need to know where the event will take place, what kind of fountain you want, how big it will be and other important details.

Think about what music should be played, whether the fountain will run throughout the celebration, or maybe it will be the main surprise of the evening show? Call us and let’s find the ideal solution together.

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