Where can a dancing fountain be installed? Experts share advice

The dancing fountain is a unique and dynamic attraction, perfect for any celebration. Weddings, christenings, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate parties, festivals and other celebrations will be even more enchanting if you decide to install a musical dancing fountain.

Outdoor dancing fountain

Usually musical fountains are installed outdoors, as the water can rise up to 8 metres high! And after dark, it bursts into brilliant colours and enchants with the sound of music.

A dancing fountain can become the centre of attraction in a public park: residents and visitors alike will be drawn to the magic of water, lights and music. These fountains are ideal for city fiestas, festivals, concerts and other events that attract thousands of people.

The mobility of these fountains and their ability to be installed virtually anywhere where electricity is available, make them a lightning-fast favourite among people organising their own personal celebrations. Dancing musical fountain becomes both a unique and distinctive backdrop for photos and the main surprise of the celebration.

Indoor dancing fountain

Perhaps the biggest advantage of our fountains is that each one can be easily adapted for indoor installation. The spectacular, glowing with colour and enchanting dancing fountain with great music will leave no one indifferent. Choose a classic round or modern rectangular fountain. The rectangular fountain is fully visible from the front, making it ideal for use as a backdrop.

Dancing fountain in a body of water or lake

If there is any body of water (e.g. river, pond, lake) close to the venue, our team can offer a floating fountain. It can be adapted to any size of space, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for all spectators.

What is the cost of a dancing fountain?

If you are interested and have already started typing “dancing fountain price” in the search box, please do not hesitate and simply contact our team, who will help you to realise all your ideas and impress your event guests.

The exact price of a dancing fountain can only be quoted after hearing your expectations, knowing the exact size of the fountain you want and the location of the event. As mentioned above, we can build a fountain anywhere – outdoors, indoors, in a body of water – so get in touch and we’ll get the details sorted quickly.

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