Music fountain for events: create a spectacular and unusual environment for your celebration

Wondering how you can surprise guests who seem to have seen it all? Dancing musical fountains can be the perfect choice for a unique experience and a lasting impression.

Adaptable to any room and to any music track of your choice, these fountains can be used both as a backdrop for a scene and as an extraordinary, dynamic and striking photo wall. Create a spectacular performance for your guests together with our team!

Why choose a dancing fountain for events?

It’s getting harder and harder to impress and entertain the audience, which is why we offer you a unique and exclusive solution – dancing fountains, customised for every occasion and event.

The choice of soundtrack, size and other parameters allows you to personalise each fountain to your needs and desires.

Which dancing fountain to choose for events?

There are a number of criteria that need to be taken into account before making a decision. First, decide whether a musical fountain use it as a decorative element or as the main entertainment of the evening. Each fountain can be programmed to match the theme of the event in colour and music.

The rectangular fountains can be used as a backdrop for the stage, and are guaranteed to make any concert magical. Traditionally, we offer a 6 x 3 m rectangle, but we can offer a customised solution depending on your current needs.

The circular fountain is guaranteed to become a highlight of the city’s festivals, celebrations and other crowd-pleasing events. The dancing fountain will beautify city squares and parks in the evening, when it is already dark. This type of background looks fantastic from all angles, so many people will enjoy its beauty.

For events, we also offer a dancing fountain on water. The possibilities are almost endless, and the lights and amazing music are guaranteed to attract hundreds of curious people to enjoy the view.

How much does a dancing fountain show cost?

As each project is unique and individual, we want to make your event special. The price depends on a number of things: how big you want the fountain to be, what kind of music it will play, where would you like it to be assembled?

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