Wedding entertainment: how to surprise your guests this year?

Nowadays, weddings are unimaginable without a variety of entertainment which are certainly an important part of any successful celebration. Dancing musical fountains for weddings – One of the most spectacular and attractive entertainment options that will add special charm, colour and energy to both the wedding ceremony and the gala dinner. Such a fountain can also be the culmination of the celebration.

Dancing fountains – what is it?

These are fountains with dancing jets of water combined with your choice of music and beautiful lights. The water dances up and down, changing colour and shape to match the sound of the music. This entertainment is a wonderful combination of view and sound that will enchant your guests at your love party.

They can be installed both indoors and outdoors, so you can enjoy this water show whatever the season or the weather outside your window.

Which dancing fountain should I choose for my wedding?

We can offer several types of fountains: round, rectangular or on the water. If you want a stunning accent for the dance floor or for the surprise culmination of your celebration, our team recommends a round fountain. It looks great from everywhere you look, so many people can watch the fantastic dance of water and music at once.

A rectangular fountain will make a unique backdrop for photos or a scene, and can also decorate the venue for the wedding ceremony. It looks the best from the front.

Celebrating your love near a body of water? We will build a unique dancing fountain on a river, lake or pond that perfectly matches your needs and wishes.

What is the cost of a dancing fountain at a wedding?

Want to give your wedding guests an experience they will never forget? The dancing musical fountains are just what you need! However, it is not possible to give an exact price without knowing the date, details and location of the event.

Our musical fountain team at are ready to help you plan your most memorable evening entertainment. Contact us by phone +370 600 08033 or email

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